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1. A suitable title for the passage is? INSTRUCTION: Read the passage below carefully then answer the questions that follow.

The queen bee is the most important insect in a bee city.  She is larger, stronger and more beautiful than the others.  Her Chief duty is to bring forth baby bees and increase the size of the family.

The queen is always busy and has not much time to go outside the city.  The workers do not live more than six months.  They word hard all their lives, day and night, and have no time to rest.  The phrase, “as busy as a bee”, is applied to one who is always busy in one’s work.

The queen lives several years, unlike the workers, who are divided into classes to perform special duties.  There are soldiers who guard and defend the city.  The servants keep the city clean, while the nurses look after the baby bees.  Another class of bees collects honey from flowers and other items of food.  The builders repair and enlarge the city.

Unlike birds of the air, the bees are very wonderful insects.  Their city can be compared to ours and the order and organization there, are much like those of human beings.