Our Facilities 

Our current sports facilities include multi-purpose courts, grass playing fields, Badminton, Basketball, Table tennis,Snooker Board and indoor games(such as Dart, Ayo olopon,Chess, Scrabble etc.) to enhance intellectual and sporting abilities.We have a fleet of buses that ply various routes in the city of ibadan and its environs. Parents whose children make use of this shuttle service have found this a source of great relief.


Learning Typing has been a fulfilling experience facilitated by a qualified high school typing tutor.Also subjects such as Financial Accounting,Economics,Marketing,Business Studies and Commerce are also available.

There are separate places of residence for both male and female.Students welfare is closely monitored by housemasters and housemistresses in collaboration with a resident matron. The rooms are equipped with soft furnishing and a common room for relaxation.


Our students have access to a wide range of interesting children’s story books,magazines,news papers,text books etc.This complement their various stages of literacy development.

Students are given well guided access to the internet and other educational resources at the laboratory. In addition, ICT training is weaved into all aspects of our curriculum to assist our students in other to imbibe a technology culture early enough in their careers.

Music is a serious affair at Rubies College; it goes beyond the classroom theory.The practical use of various musical instruments at our Studio enhance creativity.With the complement of the large school hall, our students are provided the ideal stage to practise what they have been taught.