The Greek word “axios” implies “value” or “worth”. You are a valuable being. Your life would inspire many people in different settings and sectors if you make up your mind to blast beyond the sense of inferiority complex.

Value may be subjective or objective – Subjective value exists only in the interest of those who prefer it and hold on the value. For instance, what you value means that the entity is good to you, the other party may not like it. “I value going to school”. Another person may not value it. Objective value is worthwhile. Such values stand the test of time. No matter the race or class, objective values can be passed from one generation to the other e.g. the value of honesty – This is moral value, and it should be worthwhile.

Personally, you can be valuable if you so wish. You are what you are because of the value standard you use to rate yourself. What is it that make you different from others? True worth. Do you believe that you are very valuable?

Consider these indicators about valuable people:

  • Valuable people have a good name.
  • Valuable people make others better by investing in them.
  • Valuable people are custom-made by God the Creator – Your value is unique.
  • The provision of God in your life is the value in you.
  • Valuable people replace regret with gratitude – I can still make it, I thank God.
  • Valuable people – Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
  • Valuable somebody believe in himself to succeed – When you believe in yourself with hardworked and enduring spirit, what you picture in your mind will automatically change your performance.

Listen to these valuable thoughts;

  • Don’t give up – No one can defeat you unless you first defeat yourself.
  • Self-image sets the boundaries and hints of your accomplishments.
  • Be sure to be a loser when you do not see yourself as a valuable seed.
  • Valuable people do not make noise – Noise produce nothing. Instead, they toil with their inner potentials and eventually triumph.
  • You have the worth to excel – with commitment, persistence, and   endurance, you will accomplish more than a thousand people with more interest.
  • Smile, it adds to your face value
  • You are valuable, thus, you can positively influence others. Do not give up!


  • Gideon, a common labourer who became a valiant leader of men.;
  • Deborah, a housewife who became a judge;
  • Jeremiah, a child who fearlessly spoke the word of the Lord;
  • David, a shepherd boy who became a king;
  • Abraham, a nomad who became the father of many nations;
  • Nehemiah, a cupbearer who built the wall of Jerusalem;
  • Joseph, a prisoner who became prime minister

Look forward today and desire to take steps towards a greater valuable achievement – You will be right there in due course

ALADE, Ibiwumi A (Ass. Prof)

P.T.F Chairman