The eagle bird belongs to a group of birds called birds of prey or raptors. They are fierce and courageous hunters that catch other animals as their food. Eagles are not scavenger-animals that feed on dead decaying animals

Eagles are national symbols-All over ages, different people and nations have chosen the Eagle bird as their symbols to depict sterling qualities of this awe- inspiring birds. A few of such readily comes to mind:-The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] and anti-graft body in Nigeria has a bald Eagle on its logo. The Coat of Arms of Nigeria has a red Eagle on top of the crest, The Coat of Arms of Ghana has two golden Eagles holding it, likewise the Senior National Football Team (male and female) of Nigeria are both named after the Eagle bird, that is the Super Eagles and Super Falcons respectively.


1. A bird of keen eyesight. An Eagle gliding up in the sky can spot a rabbit down in the valley. Eagle people are visionary.  They see the future ever before it arrives. They see the big picture. Great leaders who have set their footprint on the sand of time were men of great vision. They truly lived because they were willing to die for their vision .What can you see coming? Where will you be in the next 5,10 or 20 years?

2. Eagle is a passionate bird. Every phase of life of this bird spells out passion. Its capacity to be a high flyer is rooted in passion; its ability to pass on an enduring legacy of champions to its young ones is borne out of passion. its deadly attack on its prey and anything that comes in its way is a testimonial to this passion.

3. A bird of impeccable focus. Eagle is known to narrow its vision down to a single target out of many objects in its view. Eagle people are focused. Its absence is responsible for the success of failure that we see in life. Your focus is what depicts what you stand for. It is your focus that makes you a focus.

Akinola I.A.