It is pertinent to maintain a right attitude in life. Attitude is a relatively enduring organization of beliefs, feelings, and behavioural tendencies towards socially significant objects, groups, events or symbols. Attitude in simplicity, is a way of thinking and feeling that showcase one’s character or a personal temperament that reflects toward different things under distinct scenarios or simply put as a state of mind. As culture is the total way of life likewise attitude. It is expedient to cultivate good attitude because nothing destroys faster than wrong attitude. It reflects in all ramification of life such as attitude to God (spiritual), spending (financial), choice of friends (social), materials (physical) and studies (academics).

Academically, to attain excellence and sustain it requires right attitude because attitude is a determinant factor of altitude in life which is encoded in “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance (6Ps). A wise man once said “the nature of a tree determines the fruits it bears, your nature is what makes way for your future and it takes man than strength, grace or skill to scale through in life. Therefore, cultivate the right attitude.”

Geographically, latitude decreases with altitude (i.e. the higher someone goes the cooler he/she becomes) but ironically in the race of life the higher someone goes the tougher he/she becomes. Meanwhile right attitude is the pillar and treasure base of any human being. Though, dexterity, hard work, commitment, discipline just to mention a few are the bedrocks of success achievement but can only be sustained by right attitude.

Conclusively, evil communication corrupts good manner and he who walks with the wise shall be wise. A word is enough for the wise.