Arise, wake up, stand up to your duty o ye sleeping Compatriots

To obey the call of your nation Nigeria

Serving your fatherland with love, strenght and faith that everything will be well with Nigeria

 Thereby not making the labour of our late heroes both politically and in other areas be in vain

Let us therefore serve with all our heart and might

To promote freedom, peace and unity in our own country Nigeria


O God of Heaven, Creator of the Universe, to you I pray

That you direct our heart and feet in a noble cause

Influence our leaders to rule us in the right way

Help us, the coming generation, to know the true path to follow

Help us to grow in love and honesty

Help us to live justly and in truth

Help us to attain great heights in life

And also help us to build a nation void of disaster, chaos and catastrophe

            But filled with peace, love, joy and a reign of Justice.


Adebayo Samuel Oluwapelumi

Press Ambassador

Rubies International College