One of the greatest assets and achievements in life is to be educated because it is the bedrock and part of the greatest weapon or tools to greatness and success. Even the scripture emphasizes that a man’s gift will make a way for him and when a man is diligent in his work, he will not stand before mean men but kings. Parents are to support and contribute their quota in proper monitoring of their wards to compliment the effort of the school because ‘it takes two to tango’ likewise ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ A wise man once said, ’The firewood gather today is what will be used for making fire tomorrow. Little wonder the school slogan reads ‘YOU SEE A CHILD, WE SEE A NATION’. It is a common norm that life is in stages, men are in sizes and God is in phases. Remember, you are the architect of your life. The permanent decision of today will either make or mar your destiny because, every juncture on a journey is very important; some junctures are particularly critical in determining the eventual outcome of the journey, whereas carelessness at some junctures might at most merely divert a person through a longer or rougher route though still eventually leads to the expected destination while some are of such critical nature that except the right choice is made the eventual outcome of the journey is dramatically or significantly affected.