As you journey in life always remember who you are, your vision and you must continue in the tradition of self discipline, dedication, commitment, humility, productivity, and services/trainings you have acquired in your various Alma Mater because they will pave way for you in your future endeavour.

My people perish for lack of vision/knowledge because vision without action is a typical daydream and action in the absence of vision is just a nightmare. Meanwhile, you must remain focus and determine to ascertain a glorious destiny. Mathematically,  

                              VISION –ACTION = DAYDREAM

                              ACTION –VISION = NIGHTMARE

                              DETERMINATION + FOCUS = GLORIOUS DESTINY

However, if vision, action, focus, and determination are in place without knowing WHO YOU ARE is just a mere play. Dr David Oyedepo said “you are either running with a vision, going on a mission, or burning with a passion if you do not belong to any of these, life is reduced to a burden” In the light of this, these three questions must be answered:

Who am i?

Where am I from?

Where am I heading?

Though, many have been asking themselves these three simple logical questions but amazingly only few could found reasonable answer to them while some know who they are but their source is FILLING- IN THE GAP and their destination has become a PUZZLE yet to be solved.

Furthermore, the reflection of who a person is culminate the power of determination and where he/she is heading triggers the power of focus which at the end pave way for an outstanding success and impactful life.

Conclusively, as you step out into the next chapter of your academic pursuit for the realistic of your vision, the Almighty God will crown all your efforts with excellence success in Jesus Name. Shallom.